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kompetent und zuverlässig

Our claim

We advise you on the highest technical level. Consulting is the essence of a good and solid cooperation for us. The use of electrical components is always attached to the application. We support that the right products are used.

Advice and solutions for

Maintenance, design and planning in the railway sector

Definition: Consulting

Noun [the]
the process that jmd. another person expertly gives information about something and offers support for solving problems.
the operation that a group of people talking together about a problem and wants to come to a solution.
Source: Google

product consulting

We have a broad range of products from which you can choose, while we are vendor-independent and advise you goal-oriented, so that your needs are well met. Sign up and you will see how easy it is.

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To find replacement or renewal is not always easy. We will find the right substitutes, from reputable manufacturers.

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Fire detection in the railway sector

``Modern and reliable detection of possible fires and resulting fires is essential. The safety of people and equipment is a top priority ... ``


We advise, plan and support you.


``Controllers are the central component of a train. The planned and structured renewal and thus to ensure the proper operation is considerably less expensive than life and completely fail-ending trains ... ``


GE motors, individually for your needs

Your business accelerate with customized motors of GE, for a more optimal sequence of their processes and production capabilities, we help them with our years of experience. No matter what size, with their specific needs, we ensure that they get the engines that they need. Quality pays off.

heating technology

``High-quality heating systems in rail transport are used to support the people and to maintain equipment safe and durable ...``

If you need for a long-running project, the continuous supply of certain products at any given time, we will assist in the implementation happy. They tell us only what products you need at what delivery; we do the rest for you.


Leistungs- und Hilfsschütze, Motorschutzschalter, Elektronische Zeit-, Meß-, Überwachungsrelais, Befehls- und Meldegeräte – Komplettgeräte oder Bausteintechnik, Schaltertechnik, Fußschalter, Sensortechnik, Gehäusetechnik, Hochdruckwassernebelsysteme, Leitungsschutzschalter, Elektrolyt-Kondensatoren, Entstörbausteine, Rauchmeldegeräte / Brandschutzgeräte- Anlagen, Leistungsschalter, Mikroschalter, Positionsschalter, Automatisierungssysteme, Bus- und Prozessmodule, Beheizungstechnik für Ex – Anwendungen, hermetisch dichte Sub-Miniatur- und Miniatur- Relais, 24 bis 110 V DC, System-Zusammenbau nach Kundenspezifikation, Ein- u. Dreiphasen-, Universal-, Steuer- und Störschutztrafos, Kompakt-DC-Netzteile, geregelt u. ungeregelt, Nockenschalter, Hauptschalter, Automatisierungssysteme, Bus- und Prozessmodule´, Miniatur- und Printrelais einschließlich Fassungen, Leuchten, Beleuchtungssysteme und Vorschaltgeräte für die Verkehrstechnik, Notbeleuchtungsgeräte, Funkentstörkondensatoren, Überspannungsbegrenzer, Grenztaster gußgekapselt / isolierstoffgekapselt ….