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Individually we are only words together a poem.
Georg Bydlinski


Therefore we have for many years engaged socially and regularly support various institutions, associations and historical institutions.

berliner tafel 600x100

Tteamwork can best experience in clubs and team sports. You recognize here a boat with a variety of paddlers, a drummer and a helmsman. The drummer sets the pace, the helmsman the direction. Just as in real lifen.

dragon one header_3 600x224
dragon one honkong 280x194

On the picture you see a dragon boat of the Dragon Boat Association Dragon One of Dessau. This association takes his job very seriously at all looseness and qualify regularly for major competitions. E.g. they took part in the Dragon Boat World Championship in Hong Kong in 2012. These competitions are very expensive and that is why we support the association. Also for us is teamwork fixed term in our philosophy.

Youth is researching. What is this railway carriage?

No, this is not our new office. This carriage was provided for the Berliner Tafel by the Deutsche Bahn.

His name: KIMBAexpress.

Here children and young people learn with the help of professionals, how to make a healthy breakfast or lunch even from fresh foods.

kimba express_1 600x324
kimba express_3 600x258

Conveniently, this is „dining car“ is located on the grounds of Berlin’s wholesale market and is currently being expanded even for the predetermined purpose. The outer shell has a lick of paint, now the interior is tuned. We find it important that our youth can learn what benefits have fresh food as opposed to fast food. This railroad cars of the Berliner Tafel is supported by many sponsors, including by us.

Das neue Palais im Schlosspark Sanssouci

neues palais 600x173

To feel joy and fun viewing our art treasures in the future, we were willing to participate in the restoration of the floor mosaic in the new Palais Sanssouci Park and taken a exclusive partnership.

mosaik 300x406

From my own experience, a visit is definitly recommended.