ime Engineers with experience | Substituting AEG controls
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Substituting AEG controls


When replacing controllers in traffic engineering extensive planning, analysis and in-depth knowledge is required.

Obsolescence is to avoid or at least reduce production or service failures.

Over 30 years experience

Experts for AEG / Schneider controllers

The substitution of old control systems requires a high level of experience.

to replace controls and components that are no longer there for many years and to detect especially their interaction and dependencies in a complex control system in entirety, define and establish in new activity is a complex challenge.

100% retention of the process signal wiring

same design principle, identical technology

same or expanded assortment and the same functionality

continuous replacement

We offer together with our partners:


  • Personal advice on site
  • Planning and designing
  • Analysis of wiring diagrams, data packets, control components
  • Substitute of market leaders
  • Worldwide