Integrated 3-zone fire detection and extinguishing system

The system combines established and new components. Key feature: Easy and cost-effective approval (attainment of conformity) by S-AMFE (45545 Part 2). Free configuration in the vehicle, integration into existing BUS systems, incl. IoT reporting systems. Internal and external reporting system.

S-AMFE with extinguisher cartridge

  • Reliable local fire detection, reporting and EXTINGUISHING!
  • Thermal detection, similar to sprinklers
  • Freely selectable tripping temperature, resistant to vibrations, climate-proof, low-maintenance
  • Integrated into the electric alarm circuit
  • ARGE-approved as “extinguisher” for operating cabinets


  • Reliable fire detection with sprinkler technology
  • Thermal detection
  • Freely selectable reporting temperature
  • Resistant to vibrations, climate-proof
  • Integrated into the electric alarm circuit
  • ARGE-approved as a “warning device”

Fire detector

  • Reliable fire detection with smoke detection
  • In use for over 18 years
  • Resistant to vibrations and climate-proof
  • Integrated into the electric alarm circuit
  • ARGE-approved as a “warning device”

IoT-based monitoring, GSM/GPS

  • based communication
  • Tracking module for geographic localisation
  • Reporting system via APP, browser, configurable flexible alarm





Automatic Mini Fire Extinguisher




The simple and retrofittable fire protection for railway vehicles and railway technology

Over 30% of all fires are caused by faulty electrics and electronics (cf. IFS Kiel). Reliable fire protection for electrical installations is therefore more important than ever, especially in the railway industry!

The Automatic Mini Fire Extinguisher (AMFE) developed in Germany is a reliable, economical solution for enhanced fire protection in the railway industry.

JOB & IME - A strong partnership for fire protection in the railway industry

IME has been your expert partner in the following areas for many years:

  •   (Project) planning
  •   Integration and commissioning
  •   Maintenance and service
  •   Training

The AMFE series works based on the sprinkler principle, but with the highly-effective, globally approved 3M™ NOVEC™ Engineered Fluid extinguishing agent.

  •   Autonomous function without tripping current
  •   VDS-approved temperature detection for extremely reliable tripping
  •   Easy to retrofit with pipe clips to reduce downtimes
  •   Very economical thanks to the excellent extinguishing performance
  •   Residue-free after tripping – enables easy troubleshooting
  •   Durable railway design
  •   Minimum maintenance expenses (testing) in the field reduces operating costs
  •   TÜV-certified (ARGE Part 1 & 2, DIN EN 45545-2)

The AMFE series fire protection integrated into the devices offers:

  •   Cost reduction (as a compensatory measure)
  •   Reliable fire protection, reduces the risk for operators and passengers
  •   Additional competitive advantage for manufacturers

Selection and technical specifications

Extinguisher cartridges are available in 6 sizes for the AMFE series. They enable an efficient layout based on a defined design concentration (e.g. as per NFPA 2001 or EN 15005)

  3M™ NOVEC™ Fire extinguishing agent
Size NOVEC™ Contents per cartridge [ml] Protection volume [m 3 ] * width NOVEC™
Class A[E] Fire (4,5% NFPA 2001)
S 0 24 0,060
S 1 72 0,179
S 2 120 0,299
S 3 241 0,600
S 4 360 0,896
S 5 603 1,501

* Protective volumes are approximate values and JOB is not responsible for the layout.

Overall dimensions for head and cartridge Metric [mm] Weight
L D H [kg]
S 0 194,5 22,0 16 0,25
S 1 210,0 35,0 16 0,44
S 2 240,5 40,0 16 0,63
S 3 307,0 50,8 16 1,23
S 4 392,0 50,8 16 1,70
S 5 438,0 60,3 16 2,70

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S-AMFE Beschreibung

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TÜV Zertifikat S-AMFE

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MPA Prüfbericht AMFE Reihe und E-Bulb

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AMFE - Product Information - Brackets

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Integriertes 3 Zonen Branderkennung und -löschsystem


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AMFE - Product Information - Certifications

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