Sensor monitoring directly on a computer or mobile device


Simple solution from IME


IME has developed a solution that collects data from far remote sensors, accessing the Internet to use this data on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

If the status of a sensor changes, the transmitter sends a warning message to one or several receivers via the Internet which appears on the computer, tablet or smartphone.


  •   Remote warning in the event of a critical, occasional or unexpected event.
  •   Long battery life: 5-10 years.
  •   Real-time and remote transmission with LPWAN technologies.
  •   Robust and industrial solution for outdoors.
  •   Plug-and-Play solution. Subscription from telecommunications provider not required, no IT expertise necessary.






So many possibilities!

Thanks to our cooperation with Telemecanique Sensors, we are able to offer you an extensive selection of sensors for collecting your own individual measurement data. For more than 90 years, Telemecanique Sensors has specialised in sensors and sensor-based technology and is leading the way for the sector on the global stage.


Position switches
Detection through contact with non-malleable objects

Pressure sensors
Detection through contact with the operating medium

Inductive proximity switches
Non-contact detection of metallic objects

Capacitive proximity switches
Detection of non-conductive or conductive materials

Optoelectronic sensors
Non-contact detection of objects of any kind and in any form

Ultrasonic sensors
Non-contact detection of any objects

Optoelectronic rotary encoders
Detection of angular and rotative movements

Radio frequency identification
Radio frequency identification RFID 13.56 MHz



  Data in real-time

Our solution brings you accurate and reliable data in real-time. You can adapt this data to suit your requirements, using it for processes, alarm notifications or as an overview of the event history.

  50 km maximum range

This notification system solution is particularly suited to far remote areas with a range of up to 50 km, as it is based on an industrial radio network.


Can be combined with AMFE

Automatic Mini Fire Extinguisher


Here at IME, we are already using this IOT technology for reliable local fire detection, fire alarm systems and fire fighting with AMFE!

  •   Thermal detection
  •   Integrated into the electric alarm circuit
  •   Simple retrofitting
  •   Freely selectable reporting temperature
  •   Reliable fire detection with smoke detection
  •   Tracking module for geographic localisation

  Further information about AMFE from IME

A surveillance system for your yacht

The XIOT sensor can be used to signal any changes to the status of your yacht. Possible areas of application include:

  •   Hatch and door positions
  •   Pumps, tank monitoring
  •   Wastewater treatment systems
  •   Valves
  •   Emergency-stop monitoring


For property management and real estate

Regardless of whether it’s a holiday apartment, real estate management or your own home. The XIOT sensor can be used to signal any changes to your devices. Possible areas of application include:

  •   Monitoring the heating system
  •   Garage door positions
  •   Door positions
  •   Pumps, tank monitoring
  •   Wastewater treatment systems
  •   Valves
  •   Emergency-stop monitoring


Cloud access

Your sensors are set up and managed via an online account.

  •   Simple setup
  •   Simple configuration
  •   Simple monitoring

Your expert contact

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